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Development of Digital Products

The digitalization of business processes, smart extensions for hardware (IoT) and the creation of apps are all forms of digital product development. We support you throughout the lifecycle of your product, from the selection of the right technologies, through the technical implementation to the safe, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant operation.

You can fully focus on your field of expertise, while we will make sure that your product is completed in time, further developed, and operated safely. In addition to product development, we are also available to help build your own development team, especially for startups. Usually, we work together for 12-18 months on the first version of your product, then we pass the project to the jointly built team.

Consulting and Technology Selection


What are the right technologies for your problems? Does the use of machine-learning make sense for your product? What makes a good API design? We support you throughout your technology selection, research and development, and complex concepts with the technologies that suit you.

Agile Software Development


We develop your program to the highest of quality standards. As a fully stacked team, we can implement complex backends and user-friendly front ends for you. With our agile development process, we are flexible and can respond to user feedback quickly.

Applied Machine Learning


Machine learning revolutionizes automation by combining statistics and computer science to build algorithms that can solve more complex problems more efficiently. We will help you leverage data, automate processes, and enhance your digital projects by using the latest machine learning technologies.


Progressive Web Apps

Most native smartphone apps are only used a few times after installation. At the same time, the time and expense of getting a user to install an application is disproportionately high. However, in 2017, the development of so-called Progressive Web Apps, which combine some of the benefits of native apps with the ease of access from the mobile browser, became popular.

Progressive Web Apps allow you to give your users near-native app behavior and access to key smartphone features (camera, location, notifications) without having to install a native application.

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